The healthy choice for gourmet food lovers

Olé is the ideal choice for health-conscious consumers and Mediterranean food lovers who appreciate quality extra virgin olive oil - great for cooking, dipping or on salads. The oil is produced through traditional, yet very environmentally-minded farming, harvesting, and cold extraction to respect the land it comes from.

What makes Olé different:


Higher antioxidant content promotes a healthy heart, and controlled blood sugar and cholesterol levels


Low acidity makes the oil easy on the stomach and digestive system


Longer shelf life and higher smoke point when cooking


Outstanding culinary versatility

If healthy eating is your priority, then Olé is the perfect choice. With levels of polyphenol antioxidants approximately three times the average for extra virgin olive oil and outstandingly low levels of free fatty acids, Olé is second to none.

Why is Olé healthier than other olive oils?

Polyphenol antioxidants

Polyphenol antioxidants are tremendously important for a healthy heart. Extra virgin olive oil is a great source of these polyphenols, but not all extra virgin olive oils are the same.


Due to the variety of olive, care taken in the extraction process and packaging in opaque bottles, Olé has recorded 539 Mg of polyphenol antioxidants per kg in laboratory testing. Approximately three times the quantity of average extra virgin olives oils you would find in a typical supermarket.


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When exposed to oxygen over time, like all foods, olive oil gradually oxidizes, losing its flavor and nutritional value. Oxidation is quantified by a peroxide value. The peroxide value for extra virgin olive oil by definition must be less than 20 meq O2 /kg.


Tests of Olé have revealed a peroxide value of only 8 meq O2/Kg, less than half of the limit for extra virgin olive oil.


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Free fatty acidity is a direct measure of the quality of the olive oil, reflecting the care taken when selecting premium olives, harvesting and storing the fruit as well as extracting, bottling and properly storing the finished product. Extra virgin olive oils, by definition, must have less than 0.8%


FFA. Laboratory analysis of Olé has revealed its incredibly low free fatty acidity of 0.12% FFA, easily meeting the acidity requirements of “ultra premium”.


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What stands out about Millar Trading Group is the fact that we are not producers, but rather experts in procurement with a passion for quality, healthiness and value.


By being located in Spain, we are able to take a hands-on approach to sourcing superior local products from producers who often lack either the English language skills or marketing drive to bring their


products to appreciative buyers abroad.


Feel free to ask us about private label opportunities or the sourcing of other Mediterranean food products.

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