Who we are

Millar Trading Group is a company dedicated to sourcing exceptional gourmet food products and bringing them to consumers with a passion for quality, healthiness and value.

Agility within the gourmet market is what really makes Millar Trading Group different as we constantly monitor quality from a wide range of producers, and search for great products offering exceptional value.

By being “in the ground” in Spain, we are able to take a hands-on approach to sourcing superiorMediterranean products from producers who may not otherwise be able to reach appreciative buyers abroad. 


Our Products

Olé extra virgin olive oil

bottleOlé is a premium picual variety extra virgin olive oil, produced through traditional, yet very environmentally-minded farming, harvesting, and cold extraction to respect the land and best serve the health-conscious consumer.


Olé has a very low acidity making it easy on the stomach and digestive system. It is very well-balanced and has a full-bodied flavor and a fruity aroma.


With up to three times the antioxidants of many common extra virgin olive oils, Oléprovidesmany unique benefits:


  • Promotes a healthy heart, and controlled blood sugar and cholesterollevels
  • Longer shelf life
  • Higher smoke point when cooking
  • Outstanding culinary versatility


Culinary experts and Mediterranean food lovers rave about it Olé, a well-balanced, rich and fruity oil.


Olé is a great choice for:

  • Salads
  • Cooking fish and meats
  • dipping

Herbes de la Conca

Herbes de la Conca is a family company in the north east of Spain that produces a variety of USDA certified organic Mediterranean Gourmet products, made with locally grown herbs and vegetables.

Their philosophy is to not sell to others what they wouldn’t buy for themselves. The result is organic food from their local area. They produce in a way that is traditional, yet environmentally respectful, not only visually appealing, but also concerned with healthiness and tradition.



Would you like to reduce your salt consumption without sacrificing taste?

Herbes de la Conca organic herbal salts are an equal mix of unrefined Ebro River Delta salt with our locally grown Mediterranean herbs, maximizing flavor and aroma. Adding a little to your dishes gives you full flavor with only half the salt.


All our pâtés are made with natural ingredients. A base of tofu from high quality soy milk, a vegetable or mushroom which gives the pâté its name, a good portion of extra virgin olive oil, dried fruits or nuts to provide the ideal texture and our organic herbs to offer a truly Mediterranean touch.


Thanks to our warehouse and fulfilment centre in Lynchburg, Virginia, Millar Trading Group America can serve the American market quickly with orders both large and small.

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